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Why Choose CCS

Academic Excellence
Graduates of CCS have attended both Christian and secular colleges. An extremely high percentage of our young people go on to higher education.

Small Classes
We are selective with the students we admit. We are more concerned with quality, not quantity. Our teacher-student ratio ranges from 1:10 – 1:20.

Experienced Christian Teachers
Every teacher has a clear testimony of salvation and demonstrates Christ in their church ministry as well as in their personal lives. The average experience of our teachers for 2016/2017 is 20 years.

Christ-Centered Curriculum
We currently are using textbooks and materials from Bob Jones University Press, and other Christian publishers.

Strong Spiritual Emphasis
As stated clearly in our objectives, our desire is to train young people to become godly servants in their homes, churches, and communities. The Bible is our guide in every aspect of CCS, whether it is conduct, discipline, morals, or appearance. A Bible class is taught at every grade level. Chapel is held weekly.

Wholesome Social Activities
CCS offers a variety of activities that are enjoyable but are in keeping with Biblical standards. These include sports, music and academic competition, class projects, field trips, and seasonal programs.

Reasonable Tuition
Our desire is to keep our tuition as reasonable as is possible. We offer discounts to single parents, parents on disability and those parents in vocational ministry.